Monday, 27 May 2013

New cool look of the Pretty in Black series

           The new covers are here, but also a new surprise inside the books. I must admit that this is a first for me and I find it really cool and very fitting with the theme of the books.
           First thing, the new covers' designs:

           And now for the surprise. The interior pages are black with white font. This is the first time I am hearing about it and I think it's really cool. It just screams Pretty in Black and I think I am a huge fan of the new versions. :D
           Take a look:
            And the best thing is that you will find the new look in e-book format as well and these are already online if you want to buy them.

Here are the Direct Links to all of the books




Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pretty in Black Updates

Hello there, I come with great news about the Pretty in Black series. These are good for those that haven't got the chance to read the books, but also for those that are fans of them.

Surprise #1

Pretty in Black Omnibus Edition

PRETTY IN BLACK DELUXE PAPERBACK EDITION. This edition contains all three novels so far in the series (Pretty in Black, Black Satin and Raven in the Grave) underneath one binding and is available for purchase on Amazon and Amazon Europe.

Surprise #2

          Pretty in Black is now available on Kobo and Rae wrote on her blog a mini-guide on how to buy from there no matter what country you are in:

Have a Paypal Account that links a Debit or Credit Card to the account, which is what they will use to make the purchase. Signing up for a Paypal Account is Free.

That's how it worked for her.

The e-book will then sync to the Kobo App and you will be able to read!

She thought that since readers in Asia could use this to read books, then perhaps readers from other countries, such as my Romanian readers (!!!) could try to see if this worked for them as well!!!

In the about KOBO section, it says that they have readers in over 200 countries! That's pretty exciting! I think I'm starting to really like Kobo. I believe you can also transfer purchased books to read on a different device, but I'm not absolutely for certain. I'm checking more into it.

Pretty in Black, Black Satin, Raven in the Grave, and Frankie's Monster are all available on Kobo

If you are in a country outside of the USA and you have success with this Kobo App + book purchase experiment, please e-mail me or leave a comment in the comment box letting me know what Country you're from and that it worked for you!

I'm really excited about this because readers from different places in the world have been emailing me inquiring about how they can read my books. Amazon restricts certain countries from being able to purchase e-books.

Also, my e-books have not made it back to Sony or i-books just yet, nor have my paperbacks made it the The Book Depository or any other book site asides from Amazon, but I am working really hard on making this possible very soon.

I know I've been changing things and updating my e-books frequently, and there may be a few more slight changes in the future before I am completely finished with updates. Do not worry though, as the content of the story stays very much the same. None of this will be changed. I am mostly doing things like Cover Changes and making sure the e-books have TOC (table of contents). And if I find any typos, I correct those as well :) Sometimes, no matter how much editing a book gets, little tiny things tend to slip through.

If you purchase an e-book from any e-book site, an update should be available for that book. I noticed that on my Kindle Fire the e-book update automatically for me in my library, reflecting the changes. So you will not have to re-purchase an e-book in order to receive the updates.
Surprise #3
You can find Rae Hachton on Instagram, soon to be used. So if you have an account go on and follow her.