Friday, 2 November 2012

Teaser Time! Frankie's Monster EXCLUSIVE Excerpt!

I have a HUGE surprise for you today! I've convinced Rae to give me the very first Tease of Frankie's Monster! Yay! I can't wait to read this book!

 This teaser is uncorrected, so there may be differences in the final copy.
“I want to kiss you.” His eyes pierced into mine. He wore three black sweaters, but even in all those layers of clothes, the ice from him radiated. I clutched at the fabric, pulling him closer to me, my hand around his neck.
He leaned in, his incredibly blue lips just inches from mine now.
I rose to the tips of my toes in anticipation, reaching myself higher to meet his height. He interlaced the fingers of his icy hand with mine. He wrapped his other arm around me, and gently leaned me back, causing my pulse to quicken and my breath to waver. “Imagine being frozen like this, my lips only inches from yours, but never touching. Wouldn't it be tragic?”
He had confused me. I didn't understand, so I didn't say anything. He leaned me forward again, dropped my hand. “I can't kiss you, Frankie. Not this way.”
“Why?” I asked him. “What did I do wrong?”
“You have an admirer, already.”
“You saw me?”
“Mhm,” he said. “You didn't enjoy it. Not for a second.” His glimmering eyes caught mine. I remember stalking through the house with Nick, and what a sight that must've been. I didn't want Nick touching me at all. I didn't want him kissing me. The fact that Johnny could tell...
“But I will kiss you. You and I have some sort of future together, I ought to think.” I saw a ghost of a smile. “But I'm not a guy of ordinary kisses, you should know. When I kiss you, it will be the kiss, not just a kiss.”