Saturday, 13 October 2012

Teaser Time! Mad Rush Scene from Raven in the Grave

Mad Rush Scene from  Raven in the Grave
The Tomb—Mad Rush
A week or so had passed before I'd gotten another chance to spend quality time with Eleanor. I had only been able to pick her up from school and take her home, having to leave right after. It was now February 18th—Coldest night on Earth. Snow covered ground. I wanted to just lay in the frost, and die for a while there. What was left to fight for wasn't the question. The question was—how was I to fight this? Ellie and I could be ripped apart. And tonight, this was all I could think of. We were supposed to get married, make love, be together for all of Eternity.
There would be no Eternity. Only Death. Either I would be forced to kill the one I love, or allow Zarfe to condemn me. I was already set on which. My damnation would be worth the price, of saving my beloved. But how was I to save her, even if I refused to kill her, and be condemned? I'm sure, that after Zarfe cast me into eternal hellfire, he would then go after Ellie.
Destroy? Or be destroyed?
Before I let that happen, I would take down everyone in Nevermore, myself included. There wasn't a second thought about it.
I was determined to destroy the hunters, destroy Nevermore, and then destroy myself, if I had to. One thing was for certain—no matter what, I wouldn't leave Eleanor again, or give up on her, or us being together.
I passed Lovers Cemetery. The green Hill, and the tree, where Ellie and I had sat together for the first time, was now covered in white. Lovers.
We may never get a chance to be lovers. I couldn't shake the thought from my mind.
The snow was so cold, it almost numbed me. Thought I'd be used to it now, an evermore, a creature of the night, alone in the quiet, the dark, the snow. I would never be used to this, not since I’d found what I'd lacked. I wouldn't let them tear her away from me. I would tear myself apart, and take them down with me first. But not before I spent every moment I could with Ellie. These would be the last few times we would ever have together.
I walked for miles, all the way to Ellie's house, and stood gazing at her bedroom window. Inside, she was warm, asleep, and dreaming.
Down here, I was aching for her. Unable to shake it away, I transported myself into her bedroom, stood at the foot of her bed. Her chest rose and fell, rose and fell. I removed my coat and my shoes, left them at the foot of the bed, as I crawled across, hovering atop her. My hair fell down in my face, blocking my view of anything but her lips, and her beating pulse. I steadied myself by making fists, and pressing them into the mattress on either side of her. Then, I lowered my lips, closer to hers. I could smell her, I could taste her in my mouth, already. Exhaling a trembling breath, I crushed my lips against hers, kissing her with a burning fire. Without even opening her eyes, her lips moved beneath mine, kissing me back. I shut my lids, imagining us, doing other things. Going further than this. I pressed my fists deeper into the mattress. My hands must've been white now, all blood drained from them as they held me in place, as I tried to restrain myself. She moaned against my lips, her hands tangled in my hair, and she pulled me down, closer to her, our bodies pressing together. At the first touch of our flesh, I groaned. Her eyes opened, as did mine, as I drew back to look at her. I couldn't hold myself together any longer. I leaned back down and kissed her, more passionately. Her hips arched against mine. I almost passed out. But when her hands slid under my shirt, her warm fingers grazing over my chest, my hands shot from the mattress, to the headboard, and I held onto it, tightly. My lips moved from hers, to her neck. I brought her skin into my mouth, sucking and biting, unable to stop. She cried out, in pleasure, making me bite harder. Her hips moved beneath me, grinding against mine.
My hands let go of the headboard, wrapping around Ellie, instead. I pulled her forward, sitting her against me, in my lap. Her legs wrapped around my waist. My eyes searched hers. “I want you.”

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