Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hi there! Welcome!
Cristina here. I'm a huge fan of Rae Hachton, so I've decided to isolate this piece of The Land of Forever to gather all Rae's fans out there!

Aaand for the first post, I have a little surprise!
Read here the first chapter of Pretty in Black, the first book in the series.


Oh! And don't miss our launching party...see you later!


  1. I was the first (I think) who find Pretty in black, find it interesting and posted about it on a Romanian blog: Bibliophile Mystery (1th November 2011). Till now I didn't was after swag pack, but my friend (Cristina) "corrupted" me.

  2. I'll always like a vampire in a story if it's a good story. I have Pretty in black on top of my short "must read" list. I was waiting the second book in series because I really hate to read volume 1 and after that to suffer till I can read next one. But now I see that will be 4 books in series, so I'll take the risk and start to read PB and BS.
    I don't have a favorite books, I like many books for different reasons.