Friday, 31 August 2012

Raven in the Grave Official Blurb and Trailer

Nevermore Will Never Be The Same
Marcus is back, and he’s ready to fight.
Forced to Kill, His Thirst takes Over. He wants Ellie, and he wants the Throne. He Won’t stop until he can…
Rule The Darkness

Pretty in Black Book Trailer

Monday, 20 August 2012

Raven in the Grave International Swag Giveaway

The Prizes!
[listed below]

7 swag packs! There will be 7 winners!

Raven in the Grave Release Giveaway!

Hey guys, It's Rae here. I am going to be doing this Raven in the Grave giveaway from August 20-October 31, 2012. The giveaway is international. 

The Raven in the Grave Teaser Tour begins September 15 & I'm really excited about that! I have some prizes in store for you guys, including the Raven in the Grave book trailer. 

During the tour, I will bring you behind the scenes of the Pretty in Black/Nevermore world creation with the music & the inspiration for the 4 book series. 

Included in the Tour will be past book teasers from Pretty in Black and Black Satin, plus new ones from Raven in the Grave.

Vampires/Evermores, Gargoyles, Dark Romanticism, Edgar Allan Poe, and The World of Nevermore is what the tour is all about. 

I want it to be fun, & there will probably be an additional giveaway tossed into the mix. 

But here is a chance to score the Pretty in Black, Black Satin and Raven in the Grave swag now. If you've entered the #US only giveaway, you are still eligible to enter this one. The #US only ends in August. 

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Land of Forever - Launching Party!

All the evermores are celebrating the opening of their Queen's Official Fansite!
And they want to share a little part of their world with you! Isn't it awesome?!

Come party with us and you get the chance to win incredible prizes:

Rae herself will select 5.. Yes, you got that right, FIVE lucky winners, who will receive a complete swag pack which includes:
 - a signed bookmark from each book
 - a cover button
 - one "Marcus" button
 - one "Walter" button.
As the prizes are sent by Rae directly, this contest is for the US residents only. But I'm sure we will have great surprises for her international fans in the near future.

And now a message from Rae:

"Hello Midnight Birdies. We want to hear from you! When you enter the contest, you will have a few choice questions. Pick which one you want to answer, and leave us a comment. We have a lot of exciting things coming, and we can't wait to share with you." 

Have fun!

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Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hi there! Welcome!
Cristina here. I'm a huge fan of Rae Hachton, so I've decided to isolate this piece of The Land of Forever to gather all Rae's fans out there!

Aaand for the first post, I have a little surprise!
Read here the first chapter of Pretty in Black, the first book in the series.


Oh! And don't miss our launching party...see you later!