Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Summer of Me & You by Rae Hachton - Blog Tour News and a Teaser

I am so sorry for the lack of posting over here, but I've been so busy with so many things and I am on the verge of panicking because I still have things to do and they don't seem the get them done.

Well, I'm not the only one being busy, because meanwhile Rae Hachton wrote another book. You will be surprised to see that this time the story is pinker and so is the cover. I honestly can't wait to read her new book The Summer of Me & You, which will be released this month, but until then, this is what's happening:


A super seven days blog tour with reviews, interviews, excerpts and more. So don't miss them out.

Here is a little something about the book and a teaser:


This is the summer of first love. The summer of magic. The Summer of Me and You.

Kaleb has loved Kayleigh ever since first grade, even if he's never admitted it to anyone. Not even himself. But this summer, that's about to change.

Kaleb's had a troubled past, and Kayleigh's life has always been perfect. He'd love nothing more than to be the guy who ruins it all, and make her fall for him against her mother's wishes.

Kayleigh is a complete nerd. She's got the glasses to prove it. She just knows that a guy like Kaleb would never really want to be with a girl like her. So she's going to avoid him at all costs.

But then why do they always end up hanging out together?

When a secret that both their parents kept from them comes out, it will define the true meaning of love.

But when this summer ends, will Kaleb and Kayleigh have to say goodbye, or is this just the beginning of many more summers to come?

Teaser for The Summer of Me & You
     “What?!” I flew up from the couch. I already had a headache. “I'm going to my room. If you need me for anything I won't respond.”

    “Okay, but you can't avoid me forever. We're going to talk about this eventually.”

    “Why are you so concerned with my life anyway?”

    “Because. I live vicariously through you my darling.” She flashed me a smile.

    “Well, if that's true, you have no life, in both senses of the meaning.”

    “I'm about to.”

    “How's that?”

    “I have a mission-a purpose. I'm going to help my idiotic son win back the love of his teenage life.”

    “You pester me too much. Go crochet something or join a damn book club.”

    “You shouldn't tempt me, Kaleb. I really do have an ugly stick and it has your name written all over it.”

    “I'll take my chances.”

    “You seem to be doing that a lot lately. Look where it's gotten you so far.”

    I reached down to the coffee table and scooped up all the magazines.

    “What are you doing?!” she cried.

    “Throwing these in the trash. You never read them anyway.”

    “Yes I do!”

    “Oh really? Then tell me, what lovely article were you reading when you eavesdropped on me and Kayleigh?”

    “That's easy. From Parenting magazine: Thirteen signs that there's a good chance your son was dropped on his head as an infant.”

    I sniggered. “You do realize that would involve the high probability that you were a terrible and neglectful mother, though, right? I mean, if that did happen, it wasn't my fault, it was yours. So, no offense taken.”

    “Shit,” she said. “Okay, fine. You win this round. But the game is on.”

    “I have the weirdest mother on the planet.”

    “I know. Aren't you just blessed?”

This is a discussion between Kaleb and his mother. I think it's hilarious, what do you think?

Author: Amina Black

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pretty in Black Voting and Giveaway

Source: Corvidophile

Yes, you've heard correctly!

Pretty in Black—my vampire book
is a finalist for BEST NOVEL of 2013!

Pretty Sweet, huh?


(The books that were chosen were PEER & Reader  nominated)

OUR vampire book!!!!!

It's not just mine—it's yours! You read it and loved it
& now it could actually win its first award!

Pretty in Black fans, let's do this!

I need your vote!

And to make casting your vote even sweeter,
check it out below!

sorry, you don't get to win him, but you do
get to read about him!!


and casting your vote for Pretty in Black
I am tossing in a PIB swag pack.

As we move toward more votes, I will toss in
additional prizes. See below for details on
how to vote and prizes that are up
for grabs.





I will toss in an entire e-book combo set if we reach 200 votes or more!


STEP ONE: click link below

All that is required is your e-mail address, your name
a password, and DOB. It's pretty standard stuff.






1. I'm using the honor system. If you say you voted, I believe you. But I will be able to
see how many total votes we have so I can unlock the prizes above.

2. You can ONLY vote once, but you can tweet & share this post once a day. Why would you want to do that?!

3. Because! You get extra points & help spread the word about Pretty in Black. Remember, the more votes we get, the more prizes get unlocked AND—

4. Your points aren't just for the swag pack. Your points go into the hat so that when the voting poll closes I will select winners for the PRIZE PACKS which are the e-copies of Pretty in Black. I will be using Rafflecopter to help me select the winners! The more times your name goes in, the better chances you have of winning!


Monday, 27 May 2013

New cool look of the Pretty in Black series

           The new covers are here, but also a new surprise inside the books. I must admit that this is a first for me and I find it really cool and very fitting with the theme of the books.
           First thing, the new covers' designs:

           And now for the surprise. The interior pages are black with white font. This is the first time I am hearing about it and I think it's really cool. It just screams Pretty in Black and I think I am a huge fan of the new versions. :D
           Take a look:
            And the best thing is that you will find the new look in e-book format as well and these are already online if you want to buy them.

Here are the Direct Links to all of the books




Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pretty in Black Updates

Hello there, I come with great news about the Pretty in Black series. These are good for those that haven't got the chance to read the books, but also for those that are fans of them.

Surprise #1

Pretty in Black Omnibus Edition

PRETTY IN BLACK DELUXE PAPERBACK EDITION. This edition contains all three novels so far in the series (Pretty in Black, Black Satin and Raven in the Grave) underneath one binding and is available for purchase on Amazon and Amazon Europe.

Surprise #2

          Pretty in Black is now available on Kobo and Rae wrote on her blog a mini-guide on how to buy from there no matter what country you are in:

Have a Paypal Account that links a Debit or Credit Card to the account, which is what they will use to make the purchase. Signing up for a Paypal Account is Free.

That's how it worked for her.

The e-book will then sync to the Kobo App and you will be able to read!

She thought that since readers in Asia could use this to read books, then perhaps readers from other countries, such as my Romanian readers (!!!) could try to see if this worked for them as well!!!

In the about KOBO section, it says that they have readers in over 200 countries! That's pretty exciting! I think I'm starting to really like Kobo. I believe you can also transfer purchased books to read on a different device, but I'm not absolutely for certain. I'm checking more into it.

Pretty in Black, Black Satin, Raven in the Grave, and Frankie's Monster are all available on Kobo

If you are in a country outside of the USA and you have success with this Kobo App + book purchase experiment, please e-mail me or leave a comment in the comment box letting me know what Country you're from and that it worked for you!

I'm really excited about this because readers from different places in the world have been emailing me inquiring about how they can read my books. Amazon restricts certain countries from being able to purchase e-books.

Also, my e-books have not made it back to Sony or i-books just yet, nor have my paperbacks made it the The Book Depository or any other book site asides from Amazon, but I am working really hard on making this possible very soon.

I know I've been changing things and updating my e-books frequently, and there may be a few more slight changes in the future before I am completely finished with updates. Do not worry though, as the content of the story stays very much the same. None of this will be changed. I am mostly doing things like Cover Changes and making sure the e-books have TOC (table of contents). And if I find any typos, I correct those as well :) Sometimes, no matter how much editing a book gets, little tiny things tend to slip through.

If you purchase an e-book from any e-book site, an update should be available for that book. I noticed that on my Kindle Fire the e-book update automatically for me in my library, reflecting the changes. So you will not have to re-purchase an e-book in order to receive the updates.
Surprise #3
You can find Rae Hachton on Instagram, soon to be used. So if you have an account go on and follow her.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Review: Pretty in Black by Rae Rae Hachton

“You Just scared me half to death," I said.

"You should be thrilled you're halfway there.” 

Some Things are Pretty. Some Things are Black. Love is both.

[Ellie Piper]

She wanted to die. He arose from the grave. He was sent to kill her. She was trained to kill those of his kind. But fate had other plans. He searched for 119 years to find her. & There's no way in hell he's letting her go. Dead or Alive. They're fated.

[Marcus Marble]

How far would you go to be with the one you love? Would you die for her? Would you kill for her? What if the only reason you're still alive is because of her? What if the reason you came back from the dead, was to be with her? But what if your job was to kill her, but you fell in love instead? And now you're being hunted by your own kind?

Destroy? Or be Destroyed?
 Where to buy: Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton

My review:

          I finished Pretty in Black a while ago and it was a surprisingly fast reading. I was so into this book that I’ve read it just a couple of hours and I found it unique. Pretty in Black is dark and mostly revolves around death. As a matter of fact the story itself starts with the near death of the main character, Ellie, which tries to commit suicide, but is resurrected by Marcus.
          First the writing style was so different, as the entire book is, but the writing was different and alluring and at times poetic. While reading Pretty in Black I couldn’t help by imagining this dark world, Ellie’s world. I am pretty sure that there were sunny days, but I couldn’t help but to place it in a gothic environment, foggy and dangerous because those were Ellie’s feelings. I would be interested in re-reading the book mostly because some of the descriptions were so realistic, especially Marcus’ place.
          The love story. I don’t want to see this as an instant love thing, because it wasn’t. Marcus knew Ellie before they met and after that there certainly was an evolution in their relationship. I loved how Marcus was devoted and protective, a little bit violent, but I guess that is was in his nature. Oh in case you didn’t realize it by know, Marcus was not human, he was an Evermore, pretty much dead for a while.  
          Ellie, an ex-cheerleader was now the opposite of what she was because of certain events in her life: her sister was dead and she partially blamed herself, her father left home and her mother was not the loving woman she once was while they were living in a trailer park. I pretty much understand where the depression she felt was coming from, therefore she felt more comfortable in dark places like cemeteries then around people. In fact she met Marcus in a cemetery and this is the first story I’ve read in which the main characters start their love story in such an environment.
          Marcus was pretty much of a mystery for me as he was for Ellie. The entire book I needed to know more about his background and THANK YOU, RAE we got it. The last part of the book was entirely of Marcus’ POV and I loved to be in his head and memories. We got to see a little more of his history, a part of his life as a human and I enjoyed the magical world of this book.
          I would love to know more, I still have questions about so many things. I want to know what happened to Ellie after she received her happy ending without Marcus.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Teaser Time! Frankie's Monster EXCLUSIVE Excerpt!

I have a HUGE surprise for you today! I've convinced Rae to give me the very first Tease of Frankie's Monster! Yay! I can't wait to read this book!

 This teaser is uncorrected, so there may be differences in the final copy.
“I want to kiss you.” His eyes pierced into mine. He wore three black sweaters, but even in all those layers of clothes, the ice from him radiated. I clutched at the fabric, pulling him closer to me, my hand around his neck.
He leaned in, his incredibly blue lips just inches from mine now.
I rose to the tips of my toes in anticipation, reaching myself higher to meet his height. He interlaced the fingers of his icy hand with mine. He wrapped his other arm around me, and gently leaned me back, causing my pulse to quicken and my breath to waver. “Imagine being frozen like this, my lips only inches from yours, but never touching. Wouldn't it be tragic?”
He had confused me. I didn't understand, so I didn't say anything. He leaned me forward again, dropped my hand. “I can't kiss you, Frankie. Not this way.”
“Why?” I asked him. “What did I do wrong?”
“You have an admirer, already.”
“You saw me?”
“Mhm,” he said. “You didn't enjoy it. Not for a second.” His glimmering eyes caught mine. I remember stalking through the house with Nick, and what a sight that must've been. I didn't want Nick touching me at all. I didn't want him kissing me. The fact that Johnny could tell...
“But I will kiss you. You and I have some sort of future together, I ought to think.” I saw a ghost of a smile. “But I'm not a guy of ordinary kisses, you should know. When I kiss you, it will be the kiss, not just a kiss.” 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Frankie's Monster Book Trailer!

A "xombie" spends his time quietly alone in the attic, longing to feel alive again.
It's only after he meets Francesca that his music box heart begins to beat. He saves
her from the gang that tries to hurt her, but not long after, he falls for her. Strangely,
she has an attraction for this anthropomorphic boy with the clock-work heart, too.
But she knows their love won't be forever, the way Johnny has intended for it to.
 She's human, and well...he's not. He gives her his heart. 
And she breaks it. She breaks him.
And now he wants it back. He wants her heart. 

Not a typical Zombie read. Mature YA. 
Dark Fantasy. Romantic-Horror.
Dark Fairy-tale.